Software Design and Development

If you need a professional software product, be it a complete distributed system, a library, a driver, a COM object or a collection of scripts, you have come to the right place. I will deliver your product at quality levels you hardly find elsewhere, complete with all the relevant documentation - user manual, APIs, design documents. You can rest assured my solution will meet your requirements and present you with a complete, robust, extensible, maintainable and economical answer.

Web Development

I can create anything from a simple, static, single page ad, to a dynamic, multi-page application built around a large database and a collection of scripts and animations - the choice is yours. Your web application should convey your wishes and goals. In case you are not sure as to their form and the nature of their content, I will help you find the answers that will best serve your purposes.

GUI Design

If you prefer to develop your own software but need a professional user interface designed for it, I will deliver an optimal design of your screen flow, detailed screen functionality descriptions, images and color scheme. If the project includes the implementation, either as a set of web pages or as a stand-alone application, whatever the implementation, the GUI l supply will contain complete hook calls to interface it to your back end. Obviously, if you so choose, I will design the API and the back end as well.


I will scrutinize your system, code and documentation, interview the people developing and/or maintaining it, and give you a professional overview of the system stability, maintainability, scalability and much more. I will recommend changes and classify them according to cost, risk and other implications.


I give lectures on a broad range of subjects in the field of software development, including software design, debugging, viruses, worms, development practices, design patterns, specific languages and tools... If you have an idea for a lecture you would like your employees to hear, get in touch with me.

More Services

I supply many other computer related services, such as code reviews, design brainstorming-sessions, elusive problems tracking-down sessions and, in times of need, a friendly advice. If you have an unresolved problem - don't hesitate to contact me.