System Architecture and Software Design

I have over 30 years of experience in writing system designs. I designed large distributed systems, communication protocols and databases, as well as complete and extensible APIs for numerous libraries and modules. My designs are always described in clear and thorough documentation in order to assure that other programmers can quickly take over the coding stage with a minimum of questions and confusion, thus maintaining efficiency and avoiding unnecessary interruptions to the workflow.

Software Development

I code most of my designs. My code conforms to the highest standards of readability and maintainability, which entails fewer bugs and faster and easier modification. I carefully choose descriptive method and variable names, and include clear and comprehensive comments wherever they can contribute to the understanding of the code.
In addition to gaining valuable experience, coding my own designs has given me a first hand opportunity to learn from my mistakes and create better designs.

Human Interfaces

The user interface played a central role in many of my projects, where the system design stemmed from the analysis of the user needs. I have always paid the utmost attention to usability issues, and my user interfaces look professional and feel natural to the users. Over the years I have also given consulting services to various companies in regard to the design of their user interface.

Graphic Design

I have created countless personal cards for family and friends, from still images to full blown interactive web sites. I have built a few web sites from the ground up, drawing the smallest graphic files, choosing the color scheme and fonts and designing the page layout. I have designed and created several fonts.


My expertise is by no means limited to software. I know quite a bit about hardware, since I have been building and maintaining my own computers.
I have diverse experience with a multitude of operating systems and platforms ranging from embedded systems through Windows and Unix up to large mainframes.
On the artistic side, I have extensive experience working with sound, graphics, animation and video. I know the advantages and disadvantages of the various file formats and which of the lot is best suited for what purpose.